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SEOsp has accumulated success through search engine optimization campaigns. We are happy to share with you our success stories as a leading SEO service provider. Our recent successes include multiple services for a business such as SEO services, PPC campaigns, etc.

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Mahmud Riad


SEO Campaign



Completion Date

17th Sep'20 - Ongoing



Barisal, Bangladesh

Chilipi provides new poems, stories, and novels in Bengali. It’s an excellent site for those who like literature.

The Challenge

Chailipi wanted to build authority on Globe and increase organic traffic. As SEO was the best tactic, in the long run, to increase organic traffic and build a site’s authority online, that’s why we suggest that to them.

When we check Chailipi, we see there are many technical issues, and those issues are continuously preventing that site from ranking on SERPs. The site had a massive amount of articles that hadn’t been indexed. They hadn’t SSL and right canonicalizations! The images and pages were prolonged, and the structure of the site hadn’t SEO friendly. Only 5% of the content was optimized for search engines!

SEOsp accepted that challenge, discovered all the SEO errors, optimized page speed, made it well structured, built a strategy and action plan for Chailipi.


They were getting nearly 100 traffic from social media monthly but zeroed from Google! The challenge here is to bring the site from out of nowhere to the top position. SEOsp has taken that challenge; now Chailipi happily sees their dream comes true.


The Strategy

SEOsp promised to solve the site’s all problems and rank it in the first position of Google. First of all, Chailipi got a strategy that has three steps. Step one is to fix all technical issues and make the site super faster. Step two is to structure the site as like search engine recommended. Step three is optimizing those pages which Google already indexed. After completing these steps, we waited one month to see the results. After that, we did another audit to see the site’s current position. We saw some improvement, and then we researched keywords to optimize all articles and uploaded SEO optimized new articles with maintaining a schedule.

The Results

This process continues, and we do not build spammy backlinks because this site needs long-term success with 100% white hat SEO. When Chailipi has started to get rank, it’s automatically getting backlinks from authority sites. After eight months of working on Chailipi, we see Chailipi got a 387% boost on organic results. The 35+ keywords ranked in the top 3 positions on Google, 100+ keywords ranked on the first page, and they are getting a massive amount of traffic every day. At this time, the site’s ROI and authority are increasing day by day.


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Some Others Case Studies

SEO & PPC Campaign

Medical Clinic is a health clinic website that helps patients based in the US. We are working for them from Jan 2017 to Oct 2019. When we started to help them to the rank, they were just a startup company. We implement a unique SEO strategy for them, change the site’s structure, fix technical errors & on-page optimization errors, build high-quality backlinks, and run a PPC campaign. They have now ranked for more than 300 keywords on the first page of Google, and at least 133 of them are in Google’s top position. They also got ranked for those keywords in the first position on Google for the map pack.


Organic SEO Campaign

TontineTrust is an award-winning fintech/fiduciary institution building a platform for issuing and operating Personal Pensions (PEPPs). It’s a US-based company that provides its services all around the world. We are working for them from Aug 2018 – Feb 2019. When we started to work for them, the company was a startup project. The website had lots of technical errors and we were successful to resolve all the issues to rank it very fast. We take care of the whole on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and content marketing. We helped them to achieve 278% more organic traffic in 2019 in comparison to 2018. Finally, they are now ranked on the first page for more than 150 keywords!