When I entered this industry, I thought, what are the exact benefits of SEO for a business? You may think the same! Right?

In this guide, I will show you the exact reasons I learned in the past 3 years of my journey as an SEO specialist.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. That means you optimize your website for search engines, and it will show the data to the exact person who is looking for your product or services.

Why is SEO important?

Very simple! SEO is essential because you want to reach your potential customers, who are also seeking your help. They can find your website by searching for their needs if you optimize it.

What are the benefits of SEO?

There are lots of benefits of SEO. But I will show you some of them essential for your business. I’m helping hundreds of clients with successful SEO campaigns, and I see they love to get those 5 things as benefits-

1. Save your money

There are many ways of marketing, and all need to spend a lot of money. You will stop getting value from those marketing when you stop spending money.

Here comes to play in SEO.

The keyword “oklahoma auto insurance” has 16 keyword difficulty, 300 volume per month, and the top-ranking website gets 2000 monthly traffic only from the U.S. around this keyword.

benefits of seo for business 1

To rank for this keyword on the first page of Google is not so tough. So, when you get ranked for this keyword, you start getting traffic.

But if you look for the keyword’s cost per click (CPC), you will see it’s $45 for every click!

benefits of seo for business 2

To run Google ads for this keyword, you need to spend $45 * 10 = $450 for 10 clicks and $4500 for 100!

Wow, that’s lots of money!

But from the 100 clicks, you might get 30-40 potential customers. Is it worth it?

This infographic will show some immediate benefits of SEO over Google ads.

Benefits of SEO for your business infographic

2. Reach the right customers

SEO is not just getting more traffic. It’s all about reaching the right audience.

You shouldn’t target to grow the monthly amount of traffic. You should target the monthly amount of leads.

You should ignore topics with huge traffic potential and take a good amount of business potential.

You may hear about HubSpot, the most prominent digital marketing company. They get lots of traffic per month from Google.

So, let’s take a look at their most traffic-generating article. The “famous quotes” generate 215k traffic per month from the U.S.

importance of seo in business 1

But did they get the business value from there? Of course not!

So, we should first consider the search intent to reach the right customers.

If we look at Backlinko, they only got 7.5k traffic from Google on the link-building article.

importance of seo in business 2

But these tiny amounts of traffic convert to leads!

Backlinko’s owner, Brien’s work has been featured in Inc, Entrepreneur, and U.S. News. Now he works with SEMrush academy as a marketing course instructor.

3. Increase brand authority & credibility

Suppose you do SEO for your site correctly. In that case, your customers will find your business website, social accounts, positive reviews, and maps information on Google when they are interested and search for it.

After seeing all of these, they will think positively about your brand.

Like this brand, we hear that they design beautiful websites, and we reach out to them. When we searched for “SEOs Hut”, we found this website on Google.

benefits of search engine optimization for business 1

Then we went to the site, and we were just WOW.

That’s a fantastic site.

So, we requested them to create an excellent website like theirs!

If you can reach the right audiences and give them value, they will also!

You can give value to your customer by creating helpful content, infographics to understand the content better, and tools that solve their problem.

Like WebFx creating great tools that helped many people solve their problems.

benefits of search engine optimization for business 3

Now they are one of the great agencies in the digital marketing industry.

That’s why content marketing is much more important in SEO. An SEO campaign can’t be successful without great content and infographics.

4. Stand out from your competitors

If your customers find your site on Google and instantly get what they are looking for, they will stay on it, and Google will rank your site before your competitors.

Your competitor may be a monster corporation!

the importance of seo for business 1

You can’t beat them quickly, but if you do regular SEO with a great strategy, you will!

It is the best way to beat enormous agencies with great SEO campaigns.

Here is an example-

You know, Amazon is the largest eCommerce website in the world!

the importance of seo for business 2

It’s impossible to beat them.

But Wayfair, an online home goods retailer, did with SEO!

They got lots of traffic from Google by creating great content and giving value to their customers.

the importance of seo for business 3

You can also create great content with images, infographics, and videos. These are all easy to do with the help of tools like Canva, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

5. Long-term strategy for lasting results

SEO is not a one-time thing. It’s an ongoing process that needs to be done regularly to get and maintain the results.

The most significant advantage of SEO is it’s a long-term strategy with lasting results. Once you rank on Google, you will get organic traffic as long as you maintain your ranking. It’s not like PPC, which stops working as soon as you stop paying.

If you want to get immediate results, then PPC is a good option for that.

importance of seo for small businesses 1

But if you need long-lasting organic traffic, you should consider SEO instead of PPC.

SEO Costs Less Than You Think!

Everyone thinks that SEO is expensive. It’s true! But if you compare it with other marketing tactics, it costs 5x less.

Hiring an agency or expert is unnecessary if your competition is low. You can easily do it with a little effort and time by creating great content and optimizing it for Google by adding the right keywords in the title and meta description.

But if you want high organic traffic, you can consider hiring an SEO service provider to do the job for you. But it will cost you more money than doing it yourself.

Most SEO company charges around $500 monthly for a complete SEO campaign. And most SEO campaigns need 6-9 months to provide excellent results.

We know that nominating a business needs serious work with spending thousands of dollars – it doesn’t happen overnight. So, why rush into SEO? You must be patient and willing to work hard to get the gold mine of SEO.

importance of seo for small businesses 2


SEO is essential for any business to get organic traffic from Google. It’s a long-term strategy with lasting results. And it doesn’t cost much to get started with SEO and rank your site on Google.

So, have you understood the importance of SEO for your business? I think so!

But which benefit did you like most? Is it reaching potential customers? Or, standing out before competitors?

I’m excited to hear from you. Put your thoughts below.